Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 top release, where jimlucky is concerned

I effin' love consumed too much of my time it becoming borderline unhealthy!..I hope everyone out there loves music too.

and this shitty blog talks lotsa crappy music that makes u wanna throw up n wonder whether this guy got any other subject to write about rite? :]

so here is best music of twenty ten, where i am and checkout the clips...maybe you'll dig your new favourite band

i cant get enough of Kid Dynamite, Jason Shevchuk's legendary hardcore punk band.  When the group disbanded, i began to quench the thirst by listening to the so-called copycats (eg Shook Ones/No Trigger)
Jay then formed NMB and released the classic This is Satire...It’s been 4 years since and they’ve returned with 'Icons', an album nothing short of amazing...songs that make you want to dance with your fists...sic riffs + thoughtful lyrics...mind blowing

Mixtapes were arguably the most prolific band of the year, releasing an LP, a split and 2 EPs...which is even more surprising since they weren’t even a band in 2009. All material they’re pumping out is damn good. Catchy pop-punk goodness with sugar-coated male/female vocals and interesting/intelligent lyrics. And i'm a sucker for girl voice in punkrock (Tsunami Bomb and Lemuria comes to mind)...the fact that Maura Weaver has a cute voice certainly helps. This is sunshine in audio form

3. DOPAMINES- Expect The Worse
Bomb The Music Industry!'s head-honcho Jeff Rosenstock always spot a Dopamines their music must be good eh?...thats how i discovered Dopamines...and bullseye, i was damn right...'Expect The Worst' is 13 simple but catchy tunes in less than thirty minutes in the mould of the Ramones and perfected by new waver Teenage Bottlerocket/The Copyrights...without a doubt the pop-punk album of the year...I need to checkout their discography

2. THE FLATLINERS- Cavalcade
I remember back in 2005 when i was paying RM80 for the imported CD Destroy to Create , a fiery ska-punk infused debut album by a group of Montreal, Canadian high-school kids.  5 years and one LP later they have completely ditched the ska with Cavalcade, excellently became an exponentially better band with anthemic, emotional and catchy melodic hardcore/skate punk offerings. Chris Cresswell sounds years beyond his age, gruffy vocals firing from all cylinders. Cavalcade is culmination of a sound of a band finding their niche without the growing pains usually associated with such a transition.. The best FatWreck release of the year

1. THE MENZINGERS- Chamberlain Waits
after releasing the massive critically acclaimed brilliant EP Hold on Dodge, the stoked-bar was raised quite high on the anticipation of their full length follow up Chamberlain Waits.  The Scranton, Philly quartet doesn't disappoint, producing such a sweet transitional feeling that sweeps over this whole album.  From one moment to the next, it's gritty and gruff, infectiously poppy, viscerally emotional, and firmly in touch with its punk roots from the Clash to Billy Bragg.
In fact, any of the first 5 songs (Who's Your Partner, I Was Born, Home Outgrown, Deep Sleep, Time Tables) could be the song of the year! Menzingers could be the new Lawrence Arms and Dillinger Four! and for getting the most playtime in my iPod...Chamberlain Waits is the best release of 2010.

btw checkout the band ripping out the stage at this year's Fest here

Honourable mentions
not among the top 5... but these albums are still sick

CRIME IN STEREO- I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone
CEREMONY- Rohnert Park
GASLIGHT ANTHEM- The American Slang
IRON CHIC- Not Like this

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